5 Best swimming pools designs

There is no place like home, especially when home has a swimming pool in the backyard.

Imagine this: It’s a hot summer day, you know the kind we seem to keep having more off each summer. You’re almost finished working maybe at home maybe at the office, 20 mins. Before you stop working or when you leave the office, you go to your pool app on your phone and get the spa going and heat it up, just right. You go outside or when you get home you jump in the pool to cool off or just slide into the spa and massage the the cares of the day into oblivion with hot soothing bubbles from the spa. 

Life with a pool seems pretty nice in this scenario doesn’t it? If you’ve been dreaming of something like this for yourself and family read on. Pool Visions and Leisure Pools have an easy way to make dreams come true. Check out our 5 best swimming pools designs that come with spas and a couple that can easily convert, perfectly, to spas for the whole family! 

Oh and for the ”numbers guy” in the family, how does getting 50% more use of your pool/year in cooler weather impact the fun/$ calculation? We think it’s a no brainer.

5. The Ultimate, A beautiful pool that is both functional and aesthetic

Sharp clean square angles and straight lines help to define a contemporary pool with a large, open swim lane and a gradual slope that accommodates a variety of activities. It’s definitely a swimmer’s pool with a spacious open area to exercise and swim laps. And the size range accommodates different backyard shapes and spaces.

Leisure pools has designed The UltimateTM  to exceeds homeowners’ expectations of what a pool should be. The UltimateTM is fashionable, chic, and versatile. Its practical features, and sophisticated stylings, make it a preference for people with all kinds backyards that have space to accommodate a pool of a larger size. The UltimateTM lives up to its name in size, convenience and features. And of course, The UltimateTM  from Pool Visions and Leisure has a built-in Spa!

4. The Limitless, an inground pool suitable for adults and children as well

All the beauty of The UltimateTM , but smaller. A great city pool, but big enough to look good in the suburbs too. Staycations without limits, The LimitlessTM . The reduced width enables this feature-packaged pool to fit into backyards where space is limited. The LimitlessTM as does The UltimateTM  offer a full-size, built-in square spa that integrates seamlessly into the overall pool design. A spa and all of the other great features of The UltimateTM in The LimitlessTM  make it perfect for smaller spaces. Smaller spaces can still have it all. Unlimited fun with The LimitlessTM!

3. The Icon, best rectangular pool if you have the space

The IconTM; a swimming pool designthat is everything we want in aesthetics and functionality into one alluring and captivating “lawn ornament”. The IconTM takes all of the amazing features of The UltimateTM and then goes deeper. By deeper we mean deep enough for a jump board! The diving envelope built into this pool allows for 6’ dive board. This option up’s the fun by at least 10!

We love giving fun summers to our clients so much we come out to your house for free consultations! All you have to do is be there, pick out the best pool for you, and have fun!

2. The Palladium, plunge pool suitable for almost any backyard

Plunge pools are hot! They are popular sought after pools and not just in smaller yards. Our plunge pools can be engineered to be luxurious super-sized spas. Pool Visions® is pleased to offer The Palladium PlungeTM from Leisure Pools®.

As a landscape element, plunge pools have become more than just a place to cool off and relax. They plunge pools are water features within sophisticated high-end landscapes that do more than just look good. These pools are also good for people with more limited budgets. The Palladium PlungeTM is the ideal pool for smaller yards. And makes a great centerpiece for a courtyard with plenty of options for landscaping.

1. The Figi, because who says you can’t have a swim spa at home

Pool Visions® smallest plunge pool from Leisure Pools® is sized just right for that intimate pool on top of your deck. It’s perfect for lounging, wading, and cooling off, for swimming and exercising. With a swim jet this pool will provide “endless” hours of exercise as well as great place to sit relax and cool off. We can add jets to this pool and give you the option of a spa too! 

Today, many homeowners are installing a plunge pool because of their smaller size, easier maintenance, and lower cost of ownership including reduced water requirements. If you’re looking for the advantages of having your own private romantic little get-away in your backyard you have found it with The Fiji PlungeTM

Getting your piece of paradise in your backyard is simple and easy. Call for a free consultation. We work with you to choose the perfect pool design and then take it through town permitting and construction. All of it done in house by our highly competent, skilled craftsman and landscape designers. 

After we establish the perfect swimming pool design for your backyard, all you need to do is have fun and relax.

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