Advantages of choosing a fiberglass pool for your backyard

When it comes to choosing the best design for your backyard pool, it can be really hard to decide what type of pool material brings the most benefits. You’ve probably heard that fiberglass is one of the best choices, but you’re still not sure why. Therefore, we have made a list of the advantages of choosing a fiberglass pool for your backyard. 

1. Fiberglass pool installations are fast!

If you are afraid of turning your yard into a construction site for 4 months or more, you should know fiberglass pools installations are usually done in less than a week. Hard to believe, but if we start the job on Monday you’ll be able to enjoy your swimming pool by Friday.

The short installation time is due to the fact that the shells of fiberglass pools are built off-site, in a clean climate controlled environment, as one piece. One piece means, we dig the hole, in less than a day, get the pool the next day, set the pool in the ground, fill in around it, set up and connect the equipment, build a concrete collar on top of the pool and it’s ready for decking. The pool is already configured and ready for equipment. That means if we start construction on a Monday morning you could be swimming on Friday afternoon! 

2. Pool maintenance. No sweat!

If you’re a busy person you probably don’t have time to fuss with a pool. You’re in luck. With a fiberglass pool there’s really very little to fuss about. Ten to fifteen mins/week adjusting chemicals and you are done! Less work, more fun!

3. Salt water does not damage fiberglass swimming pools!

Ask a gunite swimming pool sales designer about salt water and watch him squirm. Salt is kryptonite to gunite. Fiberglass swimming pools LOVE salt! We love salt and you will too. 

Here’s why:

  • • Saltwater pools are gentler than traditional chlorine pools. Saltwater swimming pools are easier on your skin, hair and your clothes
  • • No harsh chlorine smell. You won’t have that chlorine smell.
  • • The water is softer. The water is softer.
  • • You don’t need to store chlorine.
  • • They cost less to maintain.

4. Best of all our fiberglass pools are guaranteed for life.

Out fiberglass pools are an investition for life! Here’s how we do it:

  • • Our pools manufactured by Leisure pools are made up of the best raw materials available on earth in combination with exceptional quality control in the factory.
  • • We surround the fiberglass in a core of strength. Composite Armour TM, same stuff is used in bullet proof vests only available in Leisure Pools. It’s a combination of Dupont TM Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Basalt Fiber. In other words rock hard with a bit of flex. Nothing like it or as strong is used in pools of any sort. Only at Leisure.
  • • Full Vinyl Ester Resin incredible performance, corrosion resistance and a far superior alternative to what the other guys are using in their pools. 

All of this allows us to offer a lifetime guaranatee not just for protecting the inside of the pool but our pools carry an Osmosis Guarantee for life as well. For areas where our pools are installed in high water tables, this is a game changer. And it’s only availble on Leisure Pools. 

Now that we have highlighted the main advantages of this material, you should know that our portfolio includes several fiberglass swimming pools that might delight you. We are proud to introduce you to The EleganceTM,simple, beautiful and one of a kind, The UltimateTM, with clean square angles and straight lines, and The PinnacleTM, excellent for exercise and parties, with our propritary high water line!

We look forward to helping you get a beautiful Leisure pool, for life. When you’re ready for an awesome fiberglass pool for your backyard, we are too. Please contact us to schedule a free design and construction consultation!

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